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Eva Longoria, Milla Jovovich & Rachel Zoe Turn Up For Tom Ford Store Opening

Mr. Tom Ford and a bevy of well-clad guests converged in California on Thursday night for the opening of the designer’s Beverly Hills Flagship Store on Rodeo Drive. Among them — Milla Jovovich in a fabulous plaid suit, Amber Valletta in a long-sleeved metallic sheath and Rachel Zoe who covered her baby bump in shiny stripes. You can’t wear any old thing to a Tom Ford fete!

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The Hollywood Reporter Big 10 Party

As the Oscars get closer and closer a range of parties are keeping the stars in practice for the big night. Last night’s The Hollywood Reporter Big 10 Party is just one example, drawing in a range of A-listers.
Amy Adams showed off her casual yet chic side in a floral tie dress with black trimming, while Milla Jovovich gave a nod to the androgenous look with a grey suit complete with white shirt.
Girl of the moment Hailee Steinfeld went for a cute white short dress and Mila Kunis once again opted for red in the shape of a strapless frock.
This party may have bought out the casual side of the stars but also gave us a few Oscar dress hints too.

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From (Milla) Twitter

Some news tidbits via Milla Jovovich’s verified Twitter account at @MillaJovovich, compiled from some of Milla’s recently tweeted responses to fan questions. Beginning with…

… Resident Evil 5, Milla’s husband Paul W.S. Anderson is apparently working on a script for the film right now. This doesn’t mean the film will happen, of course, but it does mean that it is a very real possibility.

HELL YEA there will b a nxt 1! Lol! (Feb 11)

paul told me a synopsis of the next RE movie and its SO COOL! its just such an grt concept, its gonna take RE 2 a new level! (Feb 15)

Moving on to Vykrutasy, Milla says the DVD for the film will come with (presumably English) subtitles! Hooray!

vikrutasi” loosely means people who are getting out of a tangled situation. (Feb 15)

it will come out w sub titles! (Feb 15)

For the next couple of weeks Milla will be recording new music with her musician buddies…

i am going to get together w my boys @dannylohner n @chrissbrenner and record in the nxt few weeks! (Feb 15)

”Finally, a word (of sorts) on what’s going on with The Winter Queen (formerly Azazel), the Russian period drama/thriller which has been in pre-production limbo since 2007.

“That film is always coming 2 gether n falling apart! Its been a challenge trying 2 get it set up. (Feb 11)

Although we don’t know what’s the current status of the film, this at least confirms the previous reports that Milla is still onboard the project (though Paul Verhoeven is no longer directing). According to the Internet Movie Database, The Winter Queen is slated for 2012 with filming expected to commence this spring, but with the profile not having been updated since September 2010 this information is obviously several months’ old and may very well have changed. Only time will tell whether or not this film will ever get off the ground, we suppose.

That’s all, y’all!

Milla Jovovich candids 22-23 February

•Candid > 2011 > Leaving the private gym in West Hollywood Feb 22, 2011

•Candid > 2011 > Milla Jovovich leaving a workout in West Hollywood February 23, 2011


Leave it up to Milla Jovovich to make working out look good.

Dressed down, fresh-faced and makeup-free, the supermodel-turned-actress looked gorgeous as she headed off after hitting the gym in Los Angeles on Tuesday (February 22).

Milla has been busier than ever these days, with three films currently in post-production and another three more in pre-production.

After just wrapping up her work on The Three Musketeers alongside Orlando Bloom, 35-year-old Milla will soon begin work on Bad Luck, a David R. Ellis-directed mystery thriller about a group of friends who find their lives changed when the superstitions they don’t believe in begin to come true.

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New magazine scans

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From (Milla jovovich) Twitter

well, its been awesome chatting every1! i have 2 go now, but i wanted 2 leave u w an awesome song! empire of the sun- walking on a dream
go to: n thanks 4 donating 2 so we can help kids in school!

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