Interview with Milla at Park Hyatt hotel in Milan, she was wearing a silver on MARELLA assembly to extend the leg trousers.

B: Compared with Dongkuan your design Spring Series Milla’s Bag what changes ?

M: This is my fourth collaboration with MARELLA it. Color change is the highlight of the season . This time I chose the sea, sunset and Althea colors. It reminds me of Hawaii.

B: How important is fashion to you ?

M: Like all women , I love fashion . Wear reflects our personality. The most important thing is self-esteem – if you want to build a positive image , good appearance can help you. As a mother, I have not much time to clean myself, but I know how to use a reasonable time , dress up quickly.

B: How do you choose your dress , do not spend too much time will be able to ensure that neatly out ?

M: I grew up surrounded by the fashion of things , and a group of the best designers , photographers and art directors to work with. I like to see art books , like fashion photography, fascinated atlas covers, which helped me to enhance the fashion sense . For me, the most important thing is to wear clothes that make me comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable , you will not behave very confident . If you think wearing jeans and a T-shirt more comfortable , so wear it to the party . The most important thing is to show your personality , dress just embellishment .

B: Usually at home , you do housework? What are your hobbies ?

M: hobby can be much – I would like to do a lot of things . I like writing, like to cook , like music, like a movie, I think these are a people express themselves in different ways. You know , practice makes perfect , even for a side dish , do more , and I know how to do . I like to try new things , but sometimes the results are good , but some bad times . I also like writing, it makes me picture showing the brain . I found the way poetry is also very effective for me , to get a good release . In addition , I also wrote a lot of songs – very lucky , they would issue it.

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