Milla Jovovich Praises Daughter’s ‘Incredible Talent’ After Her Performance in ‘Black Widow’

Milla Jovovich is one proud mom. Milla says she couldn’t be more excited for her daughter to follow in her footsteps. Jovovich opened up to ET’s Ash Crossan about Ever, who will soon be seen playing a young Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson’s character) in Marvel’s Black Widow.

“On the one hand I’m terrified because I know how difficult this industry is,” Jovovich said, of her daughter’s ambitions when it comes to acting. “And on the other hand, I’m overjoyed because I feel like my child has found their passion, and she has been very focused on it since she was five years old.”

“She’s grown up on sets with her dad and I and, you know, it seems like that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Jovovich shared.

As for the high-profile role in Black Widow, the opportunity couldn’t have been more perfect for young Ever.

“We call her Baby Widow,” Jovovich joked. “She’s such a fan of the Marvel movies and you know, Ever is just such an incredible talent. She’s just a real natural and it was so wonderful to watch her on set.”
“I mean, literally, she had everybody crying during one of her scenes! She’s amazing,” she added. ‘I think people are going to be really, really impressed when they see the movie next year.”

Meanwhile, Jovovich’s latest sci-fi action thrill ride, Monster Hunter, just hit theaters Dec. 18. The movie — based on a hit video game series of the same name — was written and directed by Jovovich’s husband, and her role was penned specifically for her.

“You know, Paul has such a huge imagination and he was the dungeon master when he was a teenager. He was always the one writing all the scripts for him and his friends to play Dungeons and Dragons for hours, so, you know, I love that part of him,” Jovovich said of getting to work alongside her husband.

“For me, I’ve always been such a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy myself, so he allows me to be able to go into these crazy alternate universes and he writes these incredible characters that do extraordinary things and makes me feel like a superhero,” she added. “So you know what’s not to love? I think we have so much fun together.”

Anderson previously directed his wife in multiple installments in the Resident Evil film franchise, which is reportedly getting a reboot in the near future. After starring as the heroic and deadly Alice in numerous installments in the long-running franchise, Jovovich seemed supportive of a new take on the story.

“I read about it online and you know it’s such an amazing universe and it’s such a great game, it’s so beloved by the fans. I’m not surprised that it’s being rebooted,” she shared. “It’s something that was so much fun to film for me, and I think everyone’s going to have a great time doing it.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: video and screen captures

Milla Jovovich visits last night (January 24) “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, where she was talking about:

whether “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” really IS the Final Chapter, also why I punched my husband in the eye while filming and how dazed was the cast really while shooting “Dazed and Confused” when we were all kids!

The our gallery was updated with screen captures of the show. Check it:

Interview with Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Milla was doing an interview with Julia Restoin Roitfeld for Romy the Bunnies. Milla talks about her experience with motherhood. Check it.

What’s your favorite part of being a mom?
My favorite part of being a mom? The whole experience fills me with more joy than I ever thought was possible. Getting all the kisses and cuddles. Hearing our daughter’s laughter and watching what a joyful little soul she is. Seeing her growing into such a sweet, intelligent, understanding and talented young girl makes me so proud and also confident. It’s amazing knowing that no matter what, whatever my husband and I have done as parents is working so far. Our daughter is such a kind person. So ready to listen and learn. She impresses us everyday with her actions, her ability to empathize with others and her desire be a caring person.
It’s funny, but now that she’s 7 years old and has calmed down, she really is my little friend and buddy who “gets it.” I have time to sit back and just watch her blossom. To sit and draw together (without the endless “No, paint goes on paper, not on your face/hair/carpet/all of the above”) is so fun because I can see how talented she is and can only imagine what her drawings will look like in a few years! Listening to her talk about her day, what she did in school, what her hope and dreams and fears are is just one of my favorite things in the world. Watching her improve her skills and find the things that she loves to do…It’s all so precious. And fleeting. Just to give you an example of the kinds of questions that are posed to me on the way to Tae Kwon Do after school, “Mama, So what will happen if our sun dies BEFORE we build a rocket that can travel at the speed of light?” I’m like, “Uuuuuummmmmm….Oooooookkkkkkk!” Read Full Interview

Milla and Isabel Marant interview for Vogue – 2014

While Milla Jovovich photographed in their spring collection , Isabel Marant takes a nap by the pool of the ” Chateau Marmont ” . On her feet she has her new sandals that were pre-ordered right after the shows in the stores. That their designs , especially the plateau sneaker that influence fashion, also has to do with its strong personality by which transmits to the objects . She does not doubt is based only on your own taste, says what she thinks , and does not bother with PRFloskeln . By mid-forties she interacts with itself rotated cigarette, gray streaks and uncensored and young without Botox. Isabel Marant is the rock star of fashion. Action star , musician and model Milla Jovovich , she learned years ago know as enthusiastic customer of their label , since this is seen over and over again in Marants advertising campaigns, most recently last winter for the H & MKollektion the designer. In addition to the interest for fashion and a keen intellect combines both the Dare to be mothers with non- calculable working hours.

Isabel Marant : You know how it is when you’re working all the time and carry around with his child .
Milla Jovovich : It’s a real challenge , which has to face almost every woman today. When I go after a twelve hour rotating home and my daughter had not sailed hen , I would like to put at least it next and cuddle with her. Some people find it strange, but for most part of the world it is quite normal when the family sleeps in one room. My husband understands this, and he really cares a great tool for Ever – even if it is ultimately Mama’s girl and somehow always remains close to me . It is never jealous , not even on my success.

Isabel Marant : Since you ‘re lucky ! For me, it was hard to find a man who understands that burns for one thing, and one does not reproach continuous: “You work too much, and you do not love me … ! “
Milla Jovovich : Terrible . That’s what I experienced in previous relationships increases .

Isabel Marant : If you then someone hits that understands and respects one , that’s great . You know that my husband is also designer and his own fashion brand . We feel the same passion for the profession and share all the tasks related to our son. It makes our life really relaxed and enjoyable.
Milla Jovovich : For me it is so that our close cooperation during the shoot is wonderful and
difficult at the same time . We are twelve years romantically involved and have our own little empire built : five Resident Evil movies plus the Three Musketeers . We , however, are not only business partners and parents, we also need to schedule time as husband and wife . One can as a pair quite well be strange, though , or just because you spend so much time together at work and as a family.

Isabel Marant : This dimension does not exist for us . We do not work together and speak at home almost never about business . While we are both in the same profession successfully , but every man for himself . Of course we look forward to on their if it runs well , but in our time together ver we try to forget the professional printing more and talk about other stuff .
Milla Jovovich : We switch off best when we watch Breaking Bad . Do you know the series ?

Isabel Marant : No, what it is about ?
Milla Jovovich : To a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who begins to produce crystal meth to pay for his medical bills. The rest I will not tell . You have to look at it you self ! We go for days not get rid of it.

Isabel Marant : That’s the reason why I such series mei de . Then I come no more to read in the garden.
Milla Jovovich : Phases of the intensive Le sens and television take turns with me . For example, I had an extreme Georgette Heyer phase , they wrote RegencyRomanzen .

Isabel Marant : I ‘ve read one of her books a long time ago – I liked it very well.
Milla Jovovich : Really? I ‘ve never met someone who knows them . Anyway, I rustle from one extreme to the next te . Read, read , read, then watch a whole season Walking Dead . In addition, I have the past few years for the London 19th Century interested . And before that it was the Middle Ages , especially the plague in Europe. That’s what I do if Ever is at school and I have time for me.

Isabel Marant : I’ve heard that Evergreen has a few Ta tions even cut his hair. I find it great that you allow that. That’s what I used to do sometimes – as a defiant response to my father, who had always wanted a pretty blonde girl . My brother was much nicer and looked more like a girl than I am.
Milla Jovovich : I did not know . My mother would have never allowed that I cut my hair, or even decisive de , what to wear . She is a control freak who has driven me to the abso lute discipline and always prescribed me what I should do. This makes them today , and I’m 37 !

Isabel Marant : This will probably not more countries CHANGE .
Milla Jovovich : I do not know … I think relationships need to be able to evolve. If you want to have a good relationship with your children , you may not criticize , but simply tries you are looking just for them.


Promo for Marella by Zhen Xiang with interview

Interview with Milla at Park Hyatt hotel in Milan, she was wearing a silver on MARELLA assembly to extend the leg trousers.

B: Compared with Dongkuan your design Spring Series Milla’s Bag what changes ?

M: This is my fourth collaboration with MARELLA it. Color change is the highlight of the season . This time I chose the sea, sunset and Althea colors. It reminds me of Hawaii.

B: How important is fashion to you ?

M: Like all women , I love fashion . Wear reflects our personality. The most important thing is self-esteem – if you want to build a positive image , good appearance can help you. As a mother, I have not much time to clean myself, but I know how to use a reasonable time , dress up quickly.

B: How do you choose your dress , do not spend too much time will be able to ensure that neatly out ?

M: I grew up surrounded by the fashion of things , and a group of the best designers , photographers and art directors to work with. I like to see art books , like fashion photography, fascinated atlas covers, which helped me to enhance the fashion sense . For me, the most important thing is to wear clothes that make me comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable , you will not behave very confident . If you think wearing jeans and a T-shirt more comfortable , so wear it to the party . The most important thing is to show your personality , dress just embellishment .

B: Usually at home , you do housework? What are your hobbies ?

M: hobby can be much – I would like to do a lot of things . I like writing, like to cook , like music, like a movie, I think these are a people express themselves in different ways. You know , practice makes perfect , even for a side dish , do more , and I know how to do . I like to try new things , but sometimes the results are good , but some bad times . I also like writing, it makes me picture showing the brain . I found the way poetry is also very effective for me , to get a good release . In addition , I also wrote a lot of songs – very lucky , they would issue it.

Sorry! translated by google translator

Milla’s bag report – interview for marella S/S 2014


“Marella has a great respect for women who want to feel better and this respect for me is very important. We all know each other more and often my personal style was their starting point.”

“Amazing! It gets better every season”

“This season colors make the difference and we updated the clasp, with ton sur ton lacquer details, but the real novelty is that we came up with a smaller version, perfect for the evening. It’s still Milla’s Bag, but baby. It’s very practical and elegant”.

“The perfect bag is timeless. You wear it today and tomorrow. Milla ‘s Bags are perfect for all seasons”.

“Milla is dedicated to me, of course, white with metal details and python print. The colors of the other two are inspired by holidays and have a patchwork of different textures. Tropic is the large model and Lagoon the mini.”

“They are colors that remind me of Hawaii. They are a break from the day-to-day grind in the city. They immediately take me to an island resort.”

“The turquoise bag is great with pink or yellow shoes. It’s my idea of color-blocking. Imagine it with a black outfit, for example with a Smart Jacket.”

“Beautiful, made of python-print leather. It’s very elegant, but simple and you can wear it with anything”.

“I would match the fuchsia bag with the cream ankle boots with metal heels. Fuchsia is great with beige tones. If the bag is the larger fuchsia one, maybe you should wear it with something simple”.

“Me! I am the woman of Marella. Almost every working woman. To be honest every working mom. I am one of them. I want statement pieces, but easy to wear, to look good in and easy”.

“As all women, I like fashion. What you wear reflects your personality. It’s important to show respect for yourself and if you want to project a positive image, your appearance helps”.

“I grew up in fashion, I worked with some of the best designers, photographers and art directors. At the end of the day, what matters to me is being comfortable and at ease with what I’m wearing, otherwise if you don’t feel good, discomfort prevails. If you feel more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, go to a party dressed like that. It’s your personality that needs to shine and clothes are just complementary”.

Q&A: Milla Jovovich on Sale Survival Tactics

We braved the Isabel Marant for H&M shopping event last night, and while we weren’t able to pry any merch from the tight grips of fellow shoppers, we did get the chance to ask Milla Jovovich a million questions about Resident Evil and chunky sweaters. Jovovich, looking resplendent in a ruched metallic minidress from the line, chatted with the Cut about French style secrets, her supreme nerd status — and how to make the most of a shopping frenzy:

How did you end up as the face of Isabel Marant’s H&M campaign?

You know, Isabel and I have been friends for a long time. I’ve been an avid collector of her clothing for ten years. I launched her first campaign. So it was pretty natural, I think, for her to reach out and for me to want to support. This is super important for her as an artist, as a businesswoman. I love to see strong, successful women doing it, you know? So I wanted to support as much as I could.

Has Isabel taught you any must-follow style secrets of French women?

Mixing patterns, for sure. Mixing tweeds with florals, and things like that. But if you’re afraid to go all out, you can go for that chunky sweater look she’s known for.  Always wear it with something slim-fitting on the bottom. You don’t want to wear, like, a chunky sweater and big pants, because then you’re going to look like you’re swallowed.

Why do you think this line has such a cult following?

This H&M collection is all of Isabel’s staple pieces.  I think there’s a magic to seeing Isabel for H&M. Once it’s done, you know, that’s it. You’re not going to be able to get it again. That’s only going up in value as time goes on. I always love these designer collections with big, mid-range stores and high-end designers. People want it because it’s special. You know, I have the version of a jacket that’s being sold, but I don’t have it with H&M in it. To people that collect clothing, it’s special.



Milla Jovovich: “I would definitely like to return to Baku”

We waited for her for two and a half hours. We periodically got “news” that “she woke up”, “she’s doing her make-up”, “she’s straightening her hair”, “just a bit, she’s drinking coffee”. And it was no surprise. She’s a star! Well, at least she never refused to meet with us, with 2 hours before departure. Milla Jovovich turned out to be a man of word and gave an exclusive interview to Lady Day.Az. By the way, we were talking in Russian. The actress was so full with impressions of our country, that she herself set the tone for the conversation.


– Where have you been in Baku? What have you seen? What do you remember best? What will you tell your friends and family about us? Let’s talk straight.

– I’ve already told my friends that the architecture here is simply stunning, with perfect accompaniment of antiquity and modernity in the shape of the city. I’ve seen here the buildings that we’ll never see in America, with very unusual combinations to meet the most selective tastes of the public. The only view from the window of my room in the hotel where I stayed is worth a lot! This view has impressed me very much. I arrived in Baku to shoot a commercial for Milla. I was told that it is a leading producer of dairy products in Azerbaijan. We shot for Milla against the background of various historical and modern sights of Azerbaijan. Viewers will likely to see this ad with my participation this fall. So, unfortunately, I had very little time. But I definitely know that would love to come back here, but not to work, especially given that you all speak in Russian. So, there’s no language barrier for me in your country. Most of your compatriots with whom I encountered during my stay in Baku, were from the film crew. I really enjoyed their company. Your people are always smiling, always in high spirits.

– How much have you eaten and have you promised to starve yourself upon arrival home? All our guests usually do so after overeating goodies in Baku…

– (Laughing) Oh, yes! I have eaten a lot of vegetables and fruits. And loads of lamb! I’m not used to too much meat. But I could not just resist here. But when I get home, I’ll have to get rid of all those calories. (Laughing)

– The star status takes a lot of time. Living in the constant traveling, under the scrutiny of cameras leaves little to remain personal. Was it worth it? Are applause, high fees, and recognition, worth common human happiness which celebrities often lack?

– I live my personal life, no public involved. When I’m in Los Angeles, it’s much more difficult to deal with curious people. And I myself am a person pretty closed from the crowd. Even the slightest appearance in public with my family and relatives brings a lot of discomfort. But I love to travel. And far away from home I can enjoy all the delights of privacy. I even regret that I have not brought my daughter along. They would protect me here, I’m sure, like in Europe, where paparazzi do not disturb me by taking pictures of me when my child is by my side. They respect my reluctance to make my child a public domain. I get very confused, I think it’s weird when I see a photo of my daughter on the pages of magazines … and she doesn’t like this stuff either.

But I have been living this life since I was a little girl, so I’ve got used to the attention. But I cut short the excessive curiosity. Also, I don’t show off sitting behind the wheel of a pink car, or sparkle heels with Versace logo! (Laughing) I will not wave my hand and say, “Hey, I’m here, take a picture of me! It’s me, Milla Jovovich!” I know a lot of stars in Hollywood who complain about all these paparazzi only for form’s sake. In fact, they give a handle to get noticed! But I could not live this way! It’s not a life!



Interview from Never Undressed

Supermodel, actress, musician, mother, wife. We talk to the absurdly beautiful L’Oreal Paris spokesmodel, Milla Jovovich about Elizabethan London, archaeology and the truth about red carpets

Does the modelling industry have a ceiling age?

‘No, not at all. Well, yeah to some degree but I feel there is no ceiling if you are an intelligent person because you’re always going to be interesting to people, you know what I mean? Look at L’Oreal, they work with Andie McDowell. There is no ceiling when you have talent, intelligence, you’re passionate, you’re still going to get a beauty contract, it doesn’t matter how old you are.’

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given by another model?

Y’ou know, I started so young – at 11. What kind of model could give me advice at that point? I mean, I had been working longer than mostly everybody so it was my Mom. I wasn’t hanging out with models. But my Mom said, ‘if you don’t educate yourself, you’re going to go nowhere. Your pretty face can get you to the door but what is going to keep you in the room?’ I’ve been sitting in the room for 20 plus years, so I think I definitely took that advice to heart.’

What has been the most pivotal work of your modelling career?

‘I would say, definitely Peter Lindbergh. All the work we’ve done together since I was like, 13 years old, has just been the high points of my modelling career. All the books he’s put me on the cover of – that’s so special and definitely another person was my ex-boyfriend [photographer, Mario Sorrenti]. We did some beautiful classic pictures together.’

You always seem to look so confident and relaxed on the red carpet. Do you enjoy that moment?

‘No, it’s not one of my favourite things, I mean, I enjoy performing you know, even on my Facebook page I’m in front of a camera. I love to be on stage, I love to act, I love to be creative but you know, the red carpet gives me the willies. I know that, you know, they love me and everybody is super sweet but at the same time, I know that they would totally love it if I fell on my butt. So when you know if something bad happens, they’ll be even happier it definitely puts you off. It’s kind of the only time that I get kind of nervous.’