Milla visiting the Filatov Children’s Hospital in Moscow

Milla Jovovich gave the Children’s Clinical Hospital. Filatov room for young patients. Hollywood actress started her visit to Russia with the charity.

35-year old American with Slavic roots, once again flew to Moscow on Sunday late night. Directly from the airport Milla went to the hotel, gather strength before the busy day. After all, it was waiting for a very responsible meeting: Children’s Hospital. Morozova gathered young fans Jovovich, who were looking forward to visiting Hollywood actress.

And she went to them empty-handed. Now, young patients will definitely be better a lot faster, because in the intervals between treatments, they will be able to spend time in a well-equipped playroom, which gave them an American star.

– We were shocked. She is so sweet and sincere, quite reasonably says in Russian, – have told Life Showbiz medical officer. – Milla charm of all children, after her departure they even asked when the lady to visit them next time.

Jovovich spent visiting the young patients literally half an hour, but the laughter it will still be heard in the corridors of the hospital. The doctors after a visit to Hollywood actress will also modern devices for measuring pressure, and the children’s playroom and multi-colored air

PS: translation may not be accurate!

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