May 19:Opening ceremony 20th Life Ball (MQ)

It’s the high profile event where fashionistas don their brightest colours to help raise money for a good cause.
And Milla Jovovich had the right idea for how to stand out amongst a sea of glitzy celebrities when she made her outfit choice for the 20th Life Ball.
The 36-year-old model and actress employed two tactics as a means to be the brightest star of them all, stepping out in neon while also flashing ample flesh.

All eyes were on Jovovich in a one shoulder green maxi gown which featured a thigh high split and cut out waist.
With her brunette hair swept to the side and into a bun, the screen star teamed her dress with strappy sandals which matched the hue of her clothing.
She was in Vienna for the annual AIDS charity event, at their city hall which saw nearly 40,000 people wearing vibrant costumes in attendance.

Amongst those names were former US president Bill Clinton who the star was delighted to work with on the bash.

She tweeted:

‘It’s so incredible at the #LIFEBALL! I had the privilege of meeting our former pres. Clinton! He is doing so much 2 help fund medicines 2 reach children in 3rd world countries working with an unbelievable woman named catherine tucker who has an orphanage in Cambodia.

‘They save children’s lives every single day. What a honor to meet the real heroes.’


April 21: 23th GLAAD Media Awards

Milla Jovovich hits the red carpet in vintage Halston at the 2012 GLAAD Media Awards held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on Saturday (April 21) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actress showed her support for the event, which honored Josh Hutcherson and Chaz Bono for their work within the LGBT community.

Milla Jovovich leaving 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in LA

WonderCon: Resident Evil 5 Unchains Alice

Anderson noted he “wanted to take this franchise global” and how they shot across the world, including sequences in Times Square and Red Square. He also revealed Retribution picks up directly after the events of the last film, with “an epic battle on the Arcadia” before going to “a very unusual and unexpected place.”

He also noted that, as the trailer hints, we will see the world before the infection, allowing the, “Return of a lot of classic characters from both the Resident Evil videos games and films.” It’s not clear if Michelle Rodriguez only appears in these flashbacks, as Anderson said, “She’s a big part of this movie.”

Anderson and Jovovich mentioned what a huge Call of Duty player Rodriguez is and the challenge of getting her to put down the controller and “put a real machine gun in her hand,” as Anderson put it. Jovovich laughed that they’d be asking for Rodriguez to come to set and she’d exclaim, “No man, I’m about to beat this Belgian dude!”

While Anderson and Jovovich said there was no guarantee of a sixth film until they see how this one does, Anderson did say, “This is very much the beginning of the end,” and that Retribution was intended as the penultimate chapter. “This movie sets up what we hope is a specular finale.”

Anderson laughed that in the discussed Resident Evil 6, “Lots of people die.” To which Jovivich replied, “Except me, right?”


March 17:Wondercon 2012 – ‘Resident Evil’ press conference in Anheim

Regarding what favorite Resident Evil game elements have found their way into his Resident Evil: Retribution, Paul W. S. Anderson remarked, “There’s an amazing car chase in Resident Evil 5. We’ve taken and transplanted it into Red Square, an abandoned Red Square. We shot in Red Square. We had a complete close-off of Red Square for two nights in a row. We had a huge crew, a hundred of which were policemen, who were just there to kind of lock the whole thing down.”

As for how many zombies will be featured in the film, Anderson commented, “This movie probably has more undead in it than the other four put together. And of varying kinds. We have the classic Romero ones, we have the fast ones; we have the majini. We have the Las Plagas. There’s a lot of undead, and a lot of undead death, in this film.”

“I’ve never had as much contact with the undead as I have in this movie,” added Jovovich. “They’re always peripherally there, going “Arrrr” behind gates. But here they were incredibly active.”

“Either chasing her and trying to eat her,” laughed Anderson, “or getting their heads chopped off.”



VIDEO : Milla Jovovich and Elisa Sednaoui Try On Marni For H&M

Click play on the video below to see Clara Paget, Lou Doillon and Hanneli Mustaparta taking their pick from the capsule collection, browsing through the colourful prints and statement jewels. Model-slash-actress Milla Jovovich tries on the white floral necklace over a pattered top: ‘Do you think it’s too much?’ she asks.

Meanwhile, Elisa Sednaoui choses the pair of green silk trousers with wedged sandals and a black zip-up jacket. ‘It’s totally wearable and accessible and that’s what’s so great about H&M and this idea of colllaborating with great designers.’

‘It’s definitely what Marni does best,’ Milla says of the value-tastic range, ‘which I think is really elegant, simple lines and lots of incredible textures, colours and patterns all put together. Between the jewellery and the print, the way they put it together is like a mosaic.’

Ooh, we can’t wait to give it a try ourselves – bring on 8th March, we say. In the meantime, see Milla et al making their choices below…