First Look: “The Three Musketeers” Drops a Trailer and from twitter

Paul W.S. Anderson found not only his wife, but his comfort zone in the “Resident Evil” franchise. So why should his change his approach for “The Three Musketeers”?

The first trailer for “The Three Musketeers” has arrived, boasting a cast that includes Logan Lerman (“Percy Jackson”), Milla Jovovich (Mrs. PWS Anderon), Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans, Mads Mikkelson, Gabriella Wilde, Juno Temple, Orlando Bloom and Christoph Waltz.

It’s a familiar story: young D’Artagnan bullies his way into the Musketeers (Macfayden, Stevenson and Evans) to help take down Richlieu (Waltz), Buckingham (Bloom) and Milady (Jovivich).

When you’ve got a story that’s been done as often as this one on the big screen, you really need to bring something new, so Anderson has naturally made it in 3D, woven in all sorts of “Matrix”-y sequences and machine guns and flamethrowers. The end result looks a lot a “Resident Evil” film if everyone dressed in puffy shirts.

hey every1! check out the new 3 Musketeers teaser: SO EXCITING!!!! ENJOY!!!
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Dirty Girl Stills

You know that I have to show love for my fellow tall girls, such as Milla Jovovich! Her, along with Juno Temple, Jeremy Dozier, William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen, Dwight Yoakam, and Tim McGraw star in the upcoming film DIRTY GIRL, written and directed by Abe Sylvia, which is being distributed by THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY and scheduled to be release August 5th.


“Dirty Girl” is the story of Danielle (Juno Temple), the dirty girl of Norman High School in Norman, Oklahoma, circa 1987. When Danielle’s misbehavior gets her banished to a remedial class, she is paired on a parenting project with Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), an innocent closet-case with no friends. Danielle is determined to get to California to find the father she’s never met, and Clarke is desperate to escape being sent to military school by his homophobic dad. Together, the mismatched misfits light out for California, and discover each other and themselves through a funny and serendipitous friendship.

Resident Evil 5 and George Clooney’s Ides of March Get Release Dates

Right after Resident Evil: Afterlife enjoyed a successful opening weekend when it became the first Resident Evil movie to go No. 1 worldwide, franchise star Milla Jovovich confirmed that another Resident Evil sequel was a “definite.” Almost six months later, Resident Evil 5 has a release date.

ComingSoon reports that Sony Screen Gems has scheduled Resident Evil 5 for a September 14, 2012, release date. Whether Jovovich’s husband, Paul W.S. Anderson will be involved is unknown, though considering he has produced and penned the screenplay for all four Resident Evil movies and directed both Afterlife and the 2002 original, it’s hard to think that Anderson won’t be involved. It’s also probably safe to assume that Resident Evil 5 will arrive in 3-D, considering the boost it gave Afterlife.

Arriving a month after Resident Evil 5 is George Clooney’s political thriller The Ides of March, based on Beau Willimon’s play Farragut North. Clooney is directing the movie and stars opposite Ryan Gosling, who plays an idealistic staffer who learns a lesson about dirty politics as he works for a new political candidate (Clooney) on the campaign trail. Willimon loosely based his play on the 2004 Democratic primary campaign of Howard Dean.

Resident Evil 5 will hit screens September 2012

Milla Jovovich’s critically-savaged but mind-bogglingly successful Resident Evil movie series is set to continue with a fifth videogame inspired mash-up next year.

And now the new film, titled simply Resident Evil 5 for the time being (though you can bet they’ll add a superlative subtitle soon), has been given a release date of 14 September, 2012.

Though pretty much all of the Evil films have been panned upon release, the most recent entry grossed $300m at the box office. Which of course means more will be made.

Jovovich will return as the bum-kicking star, and has been looking for ideas from the fans for how to continue the story – in “eye-gouging 3D”.

How about – Alice becomes addicted to futuristic, high-fat fast food manufactured by an evil corporation, gets seriously obese, decides to throw the ‘action heroine’ towel in?

From (Milla) Twitter

Some news tidbits via Milla Jovovich’s verified Twitter account at @MillaJovovich, compiled from some of Milla’s recently tweeted responses to fan questions. Beginning with…

… Resident Evil 5, Milla’s husband Paul W.S. Anderson is apparently working on a script for the film right now. This doesn’t mean the film will happen, of course, but it does mean that it is a very real possibility.

HELL YEA there will b a nxt 1! Lol! (Feb 11)

paul told me a synopsis of the next RE movie and its SO COOL! its just such an grt concept, its gonna take RE 2 a new level! (Feb 15)

Moving on to Vykrutasy, Milla says the DVD for the film will come with (presumably English) subtitles! Hooray!

vikrutasi” loosely means people who are getting out of a tangled situation. (Feb 15)

it will come out w sub titles! (Feb 15)

For the next couple of weeks Milla will be recording new music with her musician buddies…

i am going to get together w my boys @dannylohner n @chrissbrenner and record in the nxt few weeks! (Feb 15)

”Finally, a word (of sorts) on what’s going on with The Winter Queen (formerly Azazel), the Russian period drama/thriller which has been in pre-production limbo since 2007.

“That film is always coming 2 gether n falling apart! Its been a challenge trying 2 get it set up. (Feb 11)

Although we don’t know what’s the current status of the film, this at least confirms the previous reports that Milla is still onboard the project (though Paul Verhoeven is no longer directing). According to the Internet Movie Database, The Winter Queen is slated for 2012 with filming expected to commence this spring, but with the profile not having been updated since September 2010 this information is obviously several months’ old and may very well have changed. Only time will tell whether or not this film will ever get off the ground, we suppose.

That’s all, y’all!

‘Dirty Girl’ not screening at Berlinale after all?

Guys, it would appear that Abe Sylvia’s Dirty Girl will not be screening at this year’s Berlinale festival after all.

As some of you will surely recall, about a month ago the Berlin International Film Festival announced its Panorama 2011 lineup, which included Sylvia’s Dirty Girl, in which Milla Jovovich appears opposite Juno Temple and William H. Macy. Since then, however, the original press release appears to have been updated as the film is no longer listed among the screening titles, nor does the film have a page in the newly released festival programme. For whatever reason the film appears to have been pulled. 🙁

Milla to attend Feb 14 ‘Vykrutasy’ premiere, Metrocity ad campaign

Just a couple of project tidbits via Milla Jovovich’s verified Twitter account @MillaJovovich.

First off, Milla will be heading to Moscow, Russia on February 14 for the premiere of her Russian-language debut Vykrutasy (Выкрутасы). The film will be out in Russian theaters Feb 17.

“yes, I’ll be in Moscow on the 14th of February for the Premier. I’m really excited, this is my first Russian speaking role. (Jan 20)

Milla was also briefly in New York City recently, shooting an ad campaign for the Korean label Metrocity:

“Working in NY today. Just had a few minutes 2 read many messages. Wish I had time 2 answer each & everyone of u. Thank u 4 all the love! (Jan 19)

some of you asked what I was doing in NY? I was shooting spring summer campaign for Metrocity from Korea. do I have any Korean followers? (Jan 20)

Resident Evil: Afterlife is top-grossing Canadian flick

Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth instalment in the popular thriller-horror franchise starring Milla Jovovich, was the top-performing Canadian film in domestic theatres last year, grossing a total of just less than $7-million.

The success of Afterlife, a Canadian-German co-production shot in stereoscopic 3-D in Toronto, was responsible for 21 per cent of the $33.5-million total earned by Canadian films in the country’s multiplexes in 2010, according to statistics from Montreal sales tracker Zoom Services for the Motion Picture Theatre Associations of Canada. Released last September, Afterlife also has grossed almost $300-million worldwide, toppling Porky’s, a 1982 release,as the most successful Canadian-produced movie ever.

Expectations are understandably high that Afterlife will score several nominations when the short list for the 31st annual Genie Awards is announced Wednesday in Toronto and Montreal. The 2004 instalment, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, won a Genie for sound editing.

Over all, Canadian films grossed about 3.3 per cent of the $1.031-billion Canadians spent on movie admissions last year, a slight increase from 2009.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest box-office performer domestically, regardless of nationality, was Avatar, directed by Canadian-born James Cameron. The futuristic science-fiction thriller, already the world’s box-office champ with earnings of $3-billion, grossed almost $96-million here, more than twice the $36.4-million taken in by its nearest rival, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Finishing third was Chris Nolan’s thriller Inception with a $33.2-million gross, closely followed by Toy Story 3 ($32.6-million). Another Hollywood feature, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, claimed fifth spot, pulling $27.7-million from Canadian wallets and purses.

As ever, Quebec-made francophone films dominated the domestic box office, taking six of the top 10 positions dollar-wise – seven if one includes the Celine Dion documentary Celine: Through the Eyes of the World, which grossed 82 per cent of its $1.04-million box office in Quebec. Finishing second behind Resident Evil: Afterlife was Piché: Entre ciel et terre, a biopic, directed by Sylvain Archambault, about the troubled life of Air Transat pilot Robert Piché. Its $3.7-million box office was accumulated almost entirely in Quebec.

The same for Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-nominated Incendies, which, while having a major English-Canada release only last month, went into Quebec theatres last September, shortly after its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It finished third with a gross of more than $2.5-million.

The other English-language Canadian films in the top 10 were Splice, starring Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody ($2.14-million, fifth place), and Terry Gilliam’s fantastical The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus ($1.57-million, seventh place).

‘Stone’ lacks luster, organization despite stellar cast

It’s really too bad for Milla Jovovich. Not being one to be commonly lumped in with Hollywood juggernauts like Edward Norton and Robert De Niro, Jovovich got the chance to flex her acting chops with ‘Stone’, now available on DVD.

Jack (De Niro) works in a prison as a parole officer. He’s nearing retirement and wants to finish out the last few cases he has before he leaves. Among his files is one for Gerald “Stone” Creeson (Norton), a man convicted of helping set fire to a home. Stone pleads with Jack for a way to gain early release on his 10 year sentence, which he has served 8 years of. But when Stone senses that he can’t convince Jack to help him, he sends his wife Lucetta (Jovovich) to try and seduce him. Lines begin to blur as Jack, Lucetta and Stone all find they are playing a very dangerous game.

Like I said, its too bad for Milla. She finally finds a place to really showcase her talent. The sincerity of her performance is not something I’ve ever seen from Jovovich, who’s been relegated to the ‘Resident Evil’ series. In this film, she’s sexy, manipulative and very creepy.

De Niro and Norton, on the other hand, were given artistic shotguns which they were very liberal with. Their performances are unfocused and heavy handed. Norton’s “street” accent is muddled and overdone. De Niro has but three or four facial expressions in his old age. Both had previously appeared in ‘The Score’ with legendary actor Marlon Brando. Their performances in ‘Stone’ don’t have nearly the same caliber of acting that they brought to ‘The Score’. Instead, we see Norton trying to pass himself off as a street thug and doing a horrible job at it. De Niro continues to disappoint me with these half-hearted performances in movies that just don’t make much box-office sense. Say what you will about these artistic endeavors, but not everything is art.


If you managed to sit through the feature, you’ll be happy to know that there’s only one measly extra:

The Making of ‘Stone’: I think they caught the cast in the middle of one of those press junkets where they have to answer all the same questions for hours on end. I say that because even the interviews are boring.
Do yourself a favor and wait for this to drop at the Redbox or wait for it to hit cable. This film lacks any real punch. Bad pacing, over acting and bad direction plague what should have been a much better film, given the cast.


Anchor Bay Entertainment/Overture Films, 105 minutes, R

DVD: $29.98

BD: $39.99

Milla Jovovich Hated All Day Long By Angry Fans

Actress Milla Jovovich starred in all four Resident Evil films. While the movies are based on the games, her character is not. And man, that pisses off some internet nerds.

Jovovich tells website CVG that the reason her character Alice was created was to avoid restrictive game story lines, which could change due to internal Capcom politics. When the actresses met with film director and future husband Paul W.S. Anderson, she originally told him that she wanted to be Jill, one of the game’s heroines.

“Capcom changes a VP and suddenly the storyline changes,” explains Jovovich. “So he [Anderson] needed to create a character that was a bit more like the audience. The innocent coming into this who they can relate to without needing to know her history.”

The liberties that Anderson and Jovovich took in creating Alice might have resulted in box office success, but didn’t win over some hardcore RE players.

“There are, like, 15 people in the world that spend all day really hating me,” says Jovovich. “Like horrifically hating me with a passion. They’re always writing.”

The fans are not happy with Alice or the films or whatever. Conceding that you can’t please everyone, Jovovich adds, “If you want the game, play the game. The game is such a sprawling world.”

At this point, the games and the movies seem to be moving in such a different direction. The movies are the movies. The games are the games. There’s no need to get worked up about Hollywood’s take on the franchise. Is there?