Milla Jovovich attends Resident Evil: The Final Chapter premiere

Last night (January 9), Milla Jovovich attended at the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Premiere in Mexico. She looked stunning in a black frill dress, and was joined by husband Paul WS Anderson. She also posed on the red carpet with her Resident Evil co-stars Ali Larter and William Levy.

Live with Milla Jovovich and Resident Evil cast

On January 07, 2017 on Facebook was live with Milla Jovovich and cast of the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter with host Chris Hardwick to answer your questions!.

New Resident Evil trailer

The Sony was announced new #3 official trailer of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. And I have added screencaptures to the our gallery:

Zoolander 2 screencaps

I have added screencaptures of Zoolander 2 moment with Milla.

CCXP 2016 in Brazil

On December 02, Milla and Paul attended at the press-conference of CCXP in San Paolo during the “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” promo tour.

Re-uploaded photos

I have replaced most of the pictures on the our gallery, you can now check the good quality pictures. Here is the some:

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Milla Jovovich for Vogue Korea

Milla Jovovich stuns on Vogue Korea’s January 2017 issue. The pretty actress is styled in a baby blue suit with matching shirt as her short hair is styled to the back. Her makeup features prominent eyeliner design and coral lipstick. I have added 2 covers for Vogue Korea, check it in our gallery.

Milla Jovovich at the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Tokyo Wold premiere

Last night (On December 12, 2016), Milla and her Family attended at the “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” Tokyo Wold premiere. Milla wears opulent dress from the Elie Saab autumn/winter ’16 couture collection. Ever has been hired to play the Red Queen, an evil supercomputer whose avatar is a little girl.

In a Facebook live discussion, Milla told her daughter:

“It was so amazing to work with you. You are [an] unbelievably talented actress, more talented than I’ve ever been. It was an honor and a privilege to work with you.”

The family were joined at the event by her equally glamorous co-stars Ali Larter and Rola, who both put their best foot forward in figure-flaunting dresses. Check pictures added in our gallery.

Two new Resident Evil posters + 4 MQ stills

I have added 2 final posters and 4 MQ stills of the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Check it on the our gallery:

Resident Evil Immersive Experience Launches in Asia

On December 7, Milla and Paul attended at the CineAsia Awards in Hong Kong during the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

“The Road to Raccoon City” launches this week and runs from December 6 to December 8 at the CineAsia exhibitors and distributors convention in Hong Kong. An announcement regarding other tour locations will be made at some point in the future.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens in theaters on December 23 in Japan, January 26 in Hong Kong, and January 27 in North America.