Milla Jovovich Confirms August Start for Resident Evil

Last August, actress Milla Jovovich announced that she and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson were expecting their second child together, thus delaying the shooting of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Now she has taken to Facebook (tip of the hat to Bobby Napoli) with word that she is already preparing to return as Alice for the revived shoot in August.

Says Jovovich, “I’m really proud of myself for not gaining the same amount of weight that I did with our first child (75 lbs.) because I have to be ready to start filming ‘Resident Evil- The Final Chapter’ in August of this year and I will also be nursing an infant simultaneously.”

Shooting was initially being prepped for Cape Town, South Africa, which will be one of several locales used for the sixth and (supposed) last part in the long-running Resident Evil franchise. The last film to see release was Resident Evil: Retribution in 2012.

Milla Jovovich : “Pregnancy, Resident Evil and diet”

Milla wrote at facebook about Pregnancy, Resident Evil and diet:

So the countdown to our new baby begins, we only have ten weeks to go! It’s so exciting, but at the same time daunting! lol! I’m hoping our experience with our first, Ever Gabo, has us prepared.
I’ve gained all the baby weight I need to have a healthy pregnancy -30 lbs.- and as of last week, I’ve started having to be really careful about my lifestyle so I don’t continue to gain unnecessarily; which is not healthy for me OR my newborn.
I’m really proud of myself for not gaining the same amount of weight that I did with our first child (75 lbs.) because I have to be ready to start filming “Resident Evil- The Final Chapter” in August of this year and I will also be nursing an infant simultaneously (get ready wardrobe department for Alice’s new “easy mama access” costume;)) so I don’t want to be on any extreme diets to get ready to go back to “action hero” mode!
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Happy 39th Birthday, Milla Jovovich!

doc248895749_293581484Milla is celebrating her 39th birthday today and on behalf the website and the fans, I would like to wish her a very happy birthday today. I hope she has a fantastic day spent with her loved ones.

This year for Milla was very saturated because she was filming the three films and the main thing is that she will be the second time mom.

Milla approaches court for name change

If believe to TMZ.com, Milla is planning to change her name second time. Her current name is Milla Anderson-Jovovich and she wants change the name to Milla Jovovich-Anderson.

Milla has also requested that her and Paul’s seven-year-old daughter Ever Gabo’s name be changed from Ever Gabo Anderson to Ever Gabo Jovovich-Anderson. However, it’s unclear what prompted the Milla – to apply for the changes.

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Milla Jovovich Opens Up About Stalker Troubles

Milla Jovovich’s fans on Twitter apparently have been missing chatting with the actress, but the “Resident Evil” star has decided not to speak to strangers in social media. Jovovich opened up about the decision in a series of tweets she sent out on Tuesday, October 14, saying that her family was threatened by a stalker.

“A lot of my followers [have] been asking why i don’t chat on here anymore. unfortunately, my family was threatened last year by a stalker,” she wrote. “After contacting authorities, I was told to absolutely stop talking to people I don’t know on social forums. Now that sucks for all the cool people I got to know on here, but my family comes first and I cannot take any chances when it comes to them.”

She additionally expressed her disappointment at not being able to chat with her fans.

“It makes me feel sad that I have to be distant with you all, as it is not my nature. I have not stopped posting altogether, as was suggested but personal contact with individuals is at an end. [It’s] too bad that the rotten apple spoils the bunch, but its the reality,” she explained.

Milla Jovovich confided pregnancy to strangers

Milla Jovovich told “passing strangers” about her pregnancy before anyone else.

The 38-year-old actress and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson are expecting their second child together and the filmmaker admitted both the ‘Resident Evil’ star and their daughter Ever, six, couldn’t wait to share the happy news.

Talking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Paul shared: “[Ever] is super, super excited. When we told her she ran out into the street and started telling passing strangers. The first person to know [that Milla is pregnant] was one of our neighbours, walking her dog past our house.

“But [Ever] tells absolutely everybody that she meets that her mother is pregnant, she’s so proud of her mum and really excited to have a younger sibling. Probably someone to boss around but she’s really excited about it.”

The director then joked about how his daughter was secretly hoping for a little girl.

He added: “She, of course, would like a little sister to boss around. But she would settle for a little brother if she had to.”

Paul admitted that their new arrival will impact his film career, after previously announcing that the filming of ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ will be delayed until next year to accommodate Milla’s pregnancy.

The 49-year-old filmmaker added: “The older your family get and the more they get rooted in school, the more that weighs quite heavily on your decisions of, do I want to go away for such a long period of time?”

Milla Jovovich Is Pregnant, Expecting Second Child With Husband Paul Anderson: Resident Evil Star Explains Filming Delay

Mommy announcement Monday! Milla Jovovich announced via Facebook on Aug. 18, that she is expecting her second child with her husband Paul Anderson, the producer of her Resident Evil movie franchise. In addition to her happy family news, Jovovich also told fans that filming for the smash action series will be delayed due to her pregnancy.

“Happy Monday everyone!” Jovovich, 38, wrote. “This was originally going to be a post to tell you how excited I am about flying to Cape Town, South Africa to begin working on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. But… My husband Paul and I just discovered that we are expecting another baby!!!”

The franchise star went on to explain that her physical condition would push back filming, especially since certain scenes would involve grueling stunts and more. “So after a lot of discussion, we thought it would be in everyone’s best interest to wait till the baby is born before we set out to try and tackle an RE movie,” she told fans. “Between the stunt work and what will become my ever-expanding belly, we didn’t think pregnancy and zombie killing are the best combo! Lol! I imagine the only thing I’ll be killing in the near future is an endless supply of cupcakes. Yikes…”

Jovovich added, “In all seriousness though, we want to make the best movie possible and that would be extremely difficult, to say the least, in my present condition. I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has been working so hard on the movie in South Africa already and we are so looking forward to working with you all next summer. And when we arrive, it will hopefully be with the newest member of our little family! YAY!”

“Before I go, i want to also send one more HUGE thank you out to all my amazing fans who have been so patient waiting for the next installment of the RE franchise! YOU ROCK!” she wrote. “Thanks so much for understanding everyone! All the best!”

Milla Jovovich is under double pressure for pregnancy two

Milla Jovovich is well aware her most fertile days may be coming to an end. At 38, the beauty not only wants to get pregnant before she’s too much older, she’s keeping in mind how far apart her kids are going to be in age.

“I want to have a baby and that is my number one priority. If I don’t do it now, it will get more difficult the older I get,” Jovovich said, adding that “Ever is always talking about how much she wants to be a big sister.”

“I have to do it before she is too old to enjoy it. I don’t have all the time in the world to think about it.”

The “Resident Evil” actress is content to be a “stay-at-home mum” and has been turning down work to be with her daughter.

She explained to Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I have been saying no to everything. There is talk of doing another “Resident Evil” at the end of next year, but I don’t want to do anything before that. I’m happy being a stay-at-home mum. Mum world is amazing.”

“When I’m home I’m not feeling any anxiety or stress over work, I’m a different person. My relationship with my husband becomes closer, too, when I’m relaxed, and that is really important if you want to have another baby.”

Milla will visit amfAR in Cannes on May 22

In her twitter she told, that she will visit amfAR on May 22 in Cannes.

Sunset in Cannes. On our way to Antibes and suddenly the clouds gathered in the sky and I captured this bit of amaze balls. #cannesdiary

On my way to Cannes to support @amfAR & their mission to end HIV/AIDS at their 21st #amfARCannes event on 5/22!! #cannesdiary