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Hey guys! Well, burnt out cars, crashed helicopters, just another day at “camp evil”! Watch this vid!

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Five Things You Don’t Know About Milla

Best known for playing the sexy, butt-kicking zombie fighter Alice in the Resident Evil films, she also dazzled audiences in The Fifth Element and Zoolander and appears in the upcoming action flick The Three Musketeers. Here are five things you probably don’t know about Milla Jovovich.

1. Born on December 17, 1975 in the Ukraine region of the former Soviet Union. Her father was a doctor and her mother was an actress.

2. Made her acting debut in the Disney Channel movie The Night Train to Kathmandu in 1988.

3. Went to high school with actress Christina Applegate and later made a guest appearance on her sitcom Married with Children.

4. Launched the Jovovich-Hawk clothing line with her friend and business partner, Carmen Hawk.

5. Studied voice and guitar from a young age and released an album entitled The Divine Comedy in 1994.


Milla Jovovich: I don’t eat junk

Milla Jovovich has ditched her “old chilli cheeseburger diet” in an attempt to transform her body.
The 35-year-old American model-and-actress is famed for her impressive figure, having appeared in many action-themed movies.
The brunette beauty has credited giving up junk food for her toned physique.
Milla has three-year-old daughter Ever with her husband Paul W. S. Anderson, and the star says since giving birth to her young child she has to work out especially hard.

“I do a lot more dieting and a lot more exercise now,” she is credited as saying.

“Having a baby completely changes a woman’s body, so I just have to be a lot more strict about what I eat now and just keep the food really healthy rather than my old chilli cheeseburger diet.”

Milla follows a strict dietary plan to maintain her womanly curves. The stunning star avoids fatty foods, and tries to incorporate supplements into her daily intake.

“So now I try to cook and I try to eat fresh food. I take vitamins. I definitely don’t eat trash,” she revealed.


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If any of those 9 theaters are in your area, check it out! “dirty girl” is a fun movie abt growing up in effed up families, set in the 80’s!

Also! My new film w “3 musketeers” n “dark knight rises” star Juno Temple called “dirty girl” is in 9 WHOLE theaters across america! Lolol!

Ahhh! Lunch break! Rehearsal is going great! I’m so happy we’re taking the xtra time to perfect the sequence. RE5 is gonna rule!!

Well,it’s time 2 start our rehearsal weekend.Wish us luck! Trust me, if u knew wht we’re planning 2 do 4 this sequence, u’d know we need it!

I send apologies 2 our amazing stunt team who drove back from visiting their families!But it’ll b worth it when we slam this puppy home mon!

Hey every1! So I’ve forced every1 2 work through the Canadian thanksgiving weekend so we can b ready 2 start on Monday.

I (almost) wanna cry right now, cause this is SO IMPORTANT 2 me n RE.I’m gonna b unreachable this weekend every1.Sorry,but I hve 2 practice.


WOW. we jst rehearsed 1 of my big stunt sequences ON THE SET and man! I’m effing scared! I’m spending this weekend in the splits 2 prepare!

The Three Musketeers is released on Thursday October 20

angeleno magazine article

Milla Jovovich just can’t understand why you’re shocked. “I’ve had a really great, really long, diverse career, but I feel like people are still constantly surprised that I’m good at something,” says Jovovich, admittedly a bit loopy from the cold medicine she took just prior to our conversation. Suddenly, she launches into her best mock movie critic voice to drive home the point: “Surprisingly great performance by Milla Jovovich!” It’s followed by a peal of laughter, but also by the wistful acknowledgement that after more than 20 years in front of the camera, both in film and fashion, it would be nice for some more-than-faint-praise commendation. Still, it’s not about to keep the woman dubbed by VH1 as “the reigning queen of kick-butt” up at night. “Whatever, it is what it is. I take everything with a pinch of salt,” she says. “I feel very blessed to still be around and relevant, doing lots of exciting things with my life.”

And what a life it is. The model-actress-singer-designer-mom, 36, helms a mega-successful action movie franchise (Resident Evil) with director/husband Paul W.S. Anderson; has sung with rock acts like The Crystal Method and Maynard James Keenan of Tool; was a Council of Fashion Designers of America award finalist as co-founder of the now defunct line Jovovich-Hawk; has appeared in more than 150 magazines; and has a nearly 4-year-old daughter named Ever Gabo J. Anderson (who gave her that cold). She is also a worldwide spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris, thanks to her piercing eyes, impossibly high cheek bones and pouty Eastern European exoticism that have made her one of the most recognizable faces of the last three decades. With the release of The Three Musketeers: 3D and the indie comedy Dirty Girl this month—and the announcement of a fifth Resident Evil—it doesn’t look like things are going to quiet down for her anytime soon. Which is exactly the way she likes it.

When Jovovich’s parents emigrated from the Soviet Union to Sacramento in 1981 (later settling in Los Angeles), it wasn’t exactly the best time to be the Russian kid in an American elementary school. Cold War prejudices and a strange last name meant that Jovovich stood out, and not for the reasons that would catch famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon’s eye just a few years later. Her mother, Galina Loginova, had been a successful actress back in the Ukraine, emphasized the arts at home and sought to give Jovovich a head start on a career of her own. “She definitely took the liberty of taking matters into her own hands and made sure that I worked hard to do what I do,” she remembers. “Everybody has to work hard to be good at something.”

Jovovich may have been groomed for a life on the stage, but when Avedon selected some of her early test shots at 11 years old, it was the catwalk that propelled her to stardom. She was barely out of that primary school when she appeared in his photographs for Revlon’s “Most Unforgettable Women in the World” campaign. Two years later she would sign her first professional modeling contract. Covers for the likes of Vogue and Cosmopolitan soon followed, along with ads for Dior, Versace, Donna Karan and many more over the years.FULL ARTICLE


Like mother, like daughter! Ever Gabo shows us that zombie killing really is a family affair! Watch this vid http://t.co/Uoch2lfq

New vid! I need 2 turn my hip out more on the roundhouse kicks, but my punches r solid! Will get better http://www.twitvid.com/ZSGSX


Hey every1! Txt “London” to 71938 or go on myfoxla.com 2 win a trip to the world premiere of “3 musketeers” in London! Find out more details on myfoxla.com! I have 2 go 2 nyc 4 sum work tonight, but will b available 2 answer questions on saturday! Will let u know tomorrow what time I’m available!

Spike TV Scream Award 2011

Milla Jovovich is nominated for Spike TV Scream Award in the category of Best Actress for her role as a science fiction Alice in Resident Evil:Afterlife.Spike TV’s Scream Award 2011,which will be taped on Saturday, October 15 at the Universal Lot in Los Angeles, CA.The two-hour event will premiere on Spike TV on Channel Spike TV(9:00–11:00 PM, ET/PT).You can vote for it only equals no pain!
Click on the picture and vote please!


That pretty insane! I’m gonna celebrate by making bread for the whole family! Lolol! yayayay!!

Happy sunday every1! Jst wnted 2 let u know that “3 Musketeers” is #1 4 the 2rnd weekend in a row in germany! Box office actually went UP!!!

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hey every1! i hope you’re all well! i’m training 4 RE:Retribution right now with “mortal kombat” star Robin Shou right now! he’s incredible!

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