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Gmornin, evening, afternoon and all the rest of the hours in the day every1! 2 more weeks 2 go till the end of shooting RE5! It’s exciting n heartbreaking all at the same time! It’s been a crazy, difficult complicated shoot, but so fun n wonderful 2 b back in the RE family again! It’s going 2 b bittersweet saying goodbye to Alice and the RE world… But enough of the sad part! Just because there’s 2 weeks left doesn’t mean it’s over, actually, the BEST IT YET TO COME! ALUCE VS. JILL fight is starting nxt week! Both @guillorybe (jill valentine) n i have been training every chance we get when we’re not shooting. As well as rehearsing on the weekends to be ready 4 one of the most EPIC fight sequences in RE history! So now starts another day at camp evil and NOTHING CAN GO WRONG! Right? LOL! (Dec 9)

Hey every1! Hope u’re having a great weekend! Since we’re workin Saturdays till Xmas now 2 get the film done, we hve a lot on our plate for 2 day at camp evil! The main unit is off, so all the guys n gals we work with during the week get a rest n we’re working w 2nd unit, which is another crew that works tues. thru sat. Mostly doing stunt work and/or finishing up bits an pieces that main unit couldn’t get to. So that’s pretty much what we’re doing 2day! Bits and pieces we didn’t get to in the last few weeks! A lot of hair and costume changes 4 me, cause its a bit from the end of the script, then a bit from the beginning, little pieces out f sequence. There u go! No gunfire, but I will be stuck in wires for a large part of the day, so I’ll try and get some1 2 throw my phone up to me and film a vid 4 u all! Xo m (Dec 10)

Hey guys! So here’s me goin in2 the wire rig!

So here’s an anti climatic wire pass where I don’t go up very high n hey! @TheYoungCarmody made it 2 wor

So here’s me goin a bit higher, but nothing 2 exciting. But man! When u c what this shot will bcome!!!

Privet! I wanna send all my love and best wishes for the Russian ppl protesting for their rights! I wish I cld b their w you all! Xoxo m

Wow! What a debate! My phone is running out of juice guys! I luv my country and the Russian ppl! I wish you all the best!

@SergeyGalynin we would LOVE 2 come to Russian for the premiere of RE5! It would b a dream come true for me!!

Well, back in the wires for me n my phone is gonna die! Tweet u later folks! Xo m

Как создавался календарь Pirelli-2012

Ежегодный элитный эротический календарь фирма-производитель автошин Pirelli выпускает ограниченным тиражом и дарит только своим VIP-клиентам, поэтому каждый год эксклюзивные откровенные снимки с лучшими моделями планеты с нетерпением ждут все пользователи сети интернет.

На сей раз звездами календаря стали 35-летняя голливудская актриса Милла Йовович и 37-летняя британская супермодель Кейт Мосс. Автором роскошных снимков с обнаженными звездами в главной роли стал известный итальянский фотограф Марио Сорренти. Известно, что Марио является давним другом Кейт и Миллы:

«Мы старые друзья, – говорит Йовович, – Марио – единственный фотограф, для которого я всегда готова с удовольствием раздеться».

Известно, что календарь Pirelli 2012 включит в себя 25 качественных эротических фотографий – 18 черно-белых и 7 цветных.

Pirelli календарь на 2012 год был снят на Корсике еще прошлой весной, и почти полгода ушло на то, чтобы выбрать самые удачные из фотографий. Впрочем, судя по этому двадцатиминутному видео, которое запечатлело процесс работы с каждой из моделей, неудачных кадров там просто не было быть

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•Here’s a Xmas vid from “camp evil”! Njoy! (Dec 6)

•Shld i put a gun 2 their heads?! Lol! I told them they r wanted on here! It’s their choice! Bingbing has a Chinese twitter.RT @_AdaWong_: @MillaJovovich Please consider my request. we all would love to have Li Bingbing, johann urb & shawn roberts on twitter

•@resident_eevil well, I started martial arts on 5th element n got addicted. But I don’t practice enough. Nxt yr. I’m gonna take time off and take classes every week! (Dec 7)

•@ErveLuna lolol! That’s funny! I don’t know if we’re gonna do anything 4 my bday at “camp evil” tho, we gotta finish the movie!

•So it’s @colinsalmon24 ‘s bday 2day!! Here’s a vid!

•Gmornin every1 where it’s morning! Gevening to all those where it’s evening! There’s a HUGE wire stunt 2day here at camp evil as guess what?! Im not allowed 2 do it! Aargh! It’s a 50 ft. Fly on a wire rig w a flip AND gunfire (sob) to kill a gynormous creature, but the set is too tight and my incredible stunt double -Jo Anne Leach- has to land in2 crash pads 2 make it and the insurance company and my husband said Absolutely NOT. I’m bummed but there u go. Safety first.the sequence is gonna KILL tho n no matter what Jo is my girl and she’s THE BEST, so trust me when u c it in the film it will b overwhelmingly awe inspiring! That’s my news of the morning. Gotta get hair n make up on.

•@RPopBox no, I don’t tweet much when I’m not working. I’m a very normal, private person in “real” life! Lol! I check in every few weeks tho.

•So heres @theyoungcarmody n I after he got SLIMIFIED!! I think I’ve killed him more than any1 in RE!

•@PsychoboyUK my dream bday gift FROM MY TWEEPS wld b 4 all of u 2 b your best everyday! Excel n kick a** doing it!

•Yay! I get 2 go home early n read bedtime stories 2 my lil one!the Binganator is murderinating the hell out of every1 4 the last shot!night!

•@OlesyaObihod my fave fairy tale is “the fisherman and his soul” by oscar Wilde. My fave singer is karen dreijer of fever ray n the knife. (Dec 8 )

• @AllimAngel if I know how 2 survive in the wild money is unimportant, if u live in the city, money is important. My family came 2 the US w nothing, so I’ve been raised 2 hve respect 4 working hard n respecting the money that I make by not spending it on stupid sh*t.

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•Good mornin from “camp evil” every1! It’s a short shooting day 4 me 2day which is awesome cause I’ll go do my stunt rehearsal in a few hours AND THEN… I get to go to tai Kwon do class w my daughter!!!!! I’m so excited! I get to “mom it up”and throw her “the look” when she doesn’t concentrate on what she’s doing! Lol! I’ve got “the look” down pact, I’ve been cultivating it since she was a baby, so I don’t really ever have to raise my voice at her and it’s grt 4 when u’re in a public space. It’s sort of the equivalent of Eddie Murphy’s mom’s high heeled shoe flying thru the air like a boomerang in “raw”! Lolol! If u haven’t seen that movie, u must stop everything n rent it. Like IMMEDIATELY! So anyway, i won’t b around much 2day guys, so have a good one! Xo m (Dec 1)

•BTW, explodicate can b used in different ways, explodication, explodicating (these r all paul words, hve 2 b honest!) AND I call paul “the explodicater” and he calls me “the murderinater”! Lol! Ah, hubbies, wives and their terms of endearment!

•Phew! Well that was a hard days work! Lol! Now I’ll b “desuitinating” (guys can use this one as well when they come home from work) and goin 2 stunt rehearsal! Gotta get my moves down and get my wire on!

•@LeLeAnn_ I love wire work! It makes everything so hyper real and magical all at the same time! Love it!

•G’day every1! So 2day I will b doing a lot of “creepinating”, but creeping around doesn’t look very interesting if I’m not “drenchinated”! Lol! So I guess u can call me the “drenchinated creepinater”, oh! And I will b doing some “listenating” as well AND 2day we r shooting “the wonganater” in her opening sequence, so u’ll get sum signature Ada Wong wire work! All in all it’s A bit quiet on set. Lots of dialogue between Ada, Wesker n Alice. W a rad wire sequence that we probably (and when I say probably I mean definitely) wont finish till we come back on Monday! It’s getting tougher 2 send vids as we’re in the studio and the sets are SIIIIICKKK!!!! But i’m filming BTS footage 4 the DVD, so u’ll get 2 c sum fun stuff when that comes out. Ok! Well that was an incredibly long tweet, so I’ll end it. Now. Tweet u later! Xo m (Dec 2)

•Hey every1! I know, I know! Where’s the vids?! Where’s sum pics AT LEAST! I have failed you tweeps! Now I must die. Well, since I hve 2 survive till the end of RE5, I’ll jst save that 4 another later date! Lol! Anyway, we jst finished our day w “main unit”, but hey! That doesn’t mean 2nd unit isn’t still waiting for me! WE ARE STILL HAVING 2 FINISH THE “phantom” CAR CHASE SEQUENCE! Can u believe it?! So, now I have to get my hair redone and go destructicate our poor rolls Royce more than we have already! TGIF!!! That’s all I have to say! Stunt rehearsal tomorrow as well, but I’ll bring the lil one w me so she can do her karate while mama is fighting! Lol! Now what am I gonna do when she sees me in wires?! Jeez! I’m raising a future stunty! That’s one tough 4 yr. old I tell u what! (Dec 3)

•God help me! I will stop NOW! Lol! RT @tonyzag: @MillaJovovich lol. what’s with all the words you keep inventing? are you the next sarah palin?

•Of course! U have 2 say them in the “arnie” voice! RT @MichelleChain: @MillaJovovich Don’t know about anyone else, but I read all these innovative Camp Evil words in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

•G’day every1! So we have gotten off to a grt start this morning! Already got 2 awesome shots done n goin in for “coverage” (close ups). I gotta tell u all the funniest story! So Bingbing has the most amazing skin and she graciously gave me a gift of Chinese masks that moisturize for optimum hydration… I guess u can call me the hydratanater now! Lol! Anyway, when I read the contents of the masks, I almost peed myself laughing! One of them is made of… Get this, u ready?! “silk worm larvae”! Lolol! I almost had a heart attack, but man, that larvae felt awesome! The other one is made of sumthing called “birds nest”. Now birds nest is more valuable than gold n I’ll tell you why. When birds make nests, they leave remnants of their spit on the branches. So… Lolol! This spit is meticulously collected by sum poor dudes in china and it’s really difficult! Soy other mask is made of birds spit! How abt them apples?! Would you use these masks? They look like the inside of an alien intestine, but my skin was like GLOWING!! #isitreallyworthit? (Dec 5)

Milla Jovovich will be the presenter Gorbachev Award?

On March 20 in Germany will host the second installment of the award Mikhail Gorbachev “Man who changed the world” which is dedicated to solving the problems of today’s throbbing. The main theme of the second ceremony will be “Ecology of the megalopolis.”

Mikhail Gorbachev Award, first and last president of the USSR, is awarded annually to people who have contributed significantly to the development of contemporary civilization, culture, science and technology.

The host of the second award ceremony will be the movie star worldwide, Milla Jovovich. The name of his co-host is still kept secret. All that is known is that he is one of the world’s most popular actors.

Another surprise of the ceremony will be the participation therein of the legendary American journalist and teacher discussions, Larry King. On stage will be set up a modern studio where King television interview the laureates of 2012.

The first award ceremony took place in London on March 30, 2011. The ceremony is held annually in different countries.


2 Years online

This week turns site on Wednesday for 2 years. The site has gone through ups and downs, I can not even remember how this site began work took too much time on this and I made ​​a design in blue and pink. I hope you like it.Thank you for what you are doing a better site.

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1stly, I’ve read sum of your tweets 2nite n wanna say u r wonderful ppl. It’s 530am, I’m goin home 2 cuddle my lil 1 so I can’t reply but your luv n support is INCREDIBLE! Abt 2nite, it was cold, rain machines had us drenched, but thank God 4 small miracles, there was no wind!!! That made life a lot easier, I tell u what! Poor Mika is still working, she’s such a trooper! This is the last week of night shoots, so we’re all very excited! We’ve been working 6 day weeks 4 the last month + I’ve traveled 2 London, Tokyo n Italy 2 boot! What a crazy month it’s been! this weekend will b the 1st 2 day break I’ve had in over a month! I’m SO looking forward 2 it! Also, we’ve officially past the halfway mark on RE5! I CAN’T WAIT 4 u all 2 c this film that we’ve all (thru the amazing twitterverse) lived thru 2gether! I am signing off 4 the night/morning…? Well night AND morning 4 me in any event. I wish u all the best! Every1 who had a crappy day, I hope u feel better and every1 that’s jst said hi n how much they luv the franchise, THANK YOU SO MUCH! WE WILL NOT DISAPPOINT! Night night! Xo m

So unfortunately I won’t b tweeting much 2nite cause it’s freezing And also we have rain machines, which makes typing kind of hard! Lol! So good morning here from “camp evil” n I’ll tweet u later! Xo m

Что же случилось на съемках “Обитель зла”.

Узнав, что случилось с актерами, игравшими чудовищных зомби, Милла поспешила в больницу. В отделении травматологии она провела более часа и вышла оттуда заметно расстроенная, сообщает журнал HELLO! Вскоре после этого на своей страничке в Twitter актриса написала: “Я буду приходить навещать их каждую неделю, чтобы дать им силы и поддержку для скорейшего выздоровления”.

Напомним, несчастный случай случился на съемках картины “Обитель зла 5” в Торонто. Платформа, на которой находились актеры, играющие зомби, по непонятной причине упала с шестиметровой высоты. Милла, как указывает издание, могла находиться там же, но по счастливому стечению обстоятельств в студию не приехала. В результате падения платформы пострадали 16 человек, семь из них срочно госпитализировали.

Искусный грим, в котором были актеры, напугал врачей кареты “скорой помощи”: им показалось, что пострадавшие сильно ранены – настолько натурально выглядели созданные профессионалами многочисленные кровоподтеки и синяки. В итоге серьезную травму позвоночника получил только один актер, остальные отделались ушибами разной степени тяжести.

Милла Йовович легко могла оказаться одной из жертв несчастного случая, поэтому она так трепетно отнеслась к пострадавшим актерам. В своем Twitter актриса сообщила: “Я восхищаюсь мужеством актеров, некоторые из них в ближайшее время хотят вновь вернуться на съемочную площадку”.


Milla Jovovich Attacks Summit for Lack of Promotion on ‘The Three Musketeers’

The actress called out the film’s distributor on her official Twitter account on Friday.

America, do you know that The Three Musketeers is opening Friday? Star Milla Jovovich doesn’t think so. On Friday, she publicly called out Summit Entertainment for not promoting the adventure film enough in the U.S.

“Are ‘Summit’ promoting it as a family adventure movie? Or are they resting on their laurels from “Twilight” n making no effort? Let me know!” the former model turned actress tweeted as she was apparently en route to the Tokyo International Film Festival where The Three Musketeers serves as the opening film.

Jovovich went on to elaborate on her disapproval, writing “I think ‘summit’ hve swept ‘3 Musketeers’, a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU
Jovovich plays Milady de Winter aka Charlotte Backson, the film’s female antagonist who uses her beauty and cunning against the Duke of Buckingham played by Orlando Bloom.

The Twilight Saga may have brought the film studio name recognition, but it is also the U.S. distributor of The Hurt Locker, which earned six Oscars, among other notable films.

In the case of The Three Musketeers, the studio is only its U.S. distributor, which is why it has attracted Jovovich’s fury.

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SHAME ON U “SUMMIT”! RT @SVariations: @MillaJovovich Hey Milla, Summit has a twitter (cont)

I think “summit” hve swept “3 Musketeers”, a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU “SUMMIT”.

Are “summit” promoting it as a family adventure movie? Or are they resting on their laurels from “twilight” n making no effort? Let me know!

Also, “3 musketeers” opens in the US 2night! Do you think ppl know abt the movie? Ask your friends! Do they know it’s a fun family film?

Hey! On our way 2 Tokyo, cause “3 Musketeers” is opening the film festival there!

Anyway, 2morrow we leave 2 Tokyo 4 36 hrs 2 open the Japanese film festival w “3 musketeers”! But we’ll b back 2 work by mon! Wuz up Tokyo!!

Who the eff is Alice?!!! Hve sum ppl been living in a sewage drain like sum dictator who’s name will not w mentioned? Lol!

Sorry 4 no tweets 2day! It’s been crazy n no time 1 communicate! Plus it’s been ringing like crazy! (cont)