‘Fighter’ Setback Doesn’t Kill Party Buzz for Relativity Chief and 2011 Gallery update

‘When we ran into him at the otherworldy affair known as the Bulgari-Burkle party on Thursday, Ryan Kavanaugh wouldn’t comment on his unsuccessful attempt to get a producer’s credit on David O. Russell’s “The Fighter.

But he did manage to slip in how much he’d worked on the film.

“I was on the set many times,” he said. “I was in the editing room with David for tens of hours, we did a page one rewrite together. The script that we originally got was a much harder script, and we really kind of wanted to turn it into ‘Rocky’ for our generation. So David and I and the other producers and Mark all worked really closely together, and literally did a page one rewrite, obviously with Scott” Silver, one of the three credited screenwriters.

“It’s obviously not the lightest movie in the world,” Mr. Kavanaugh said, “but we wanted it to be an inspirational movie.”

Mr. Kavanaugh, the brash founder of Relativity Media, a production company and studio, was out to be inspirational, or collaborative, or at least public, himself on Thursday. Without getting out of his seat during the auction to raise funds for the designated charities, Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice, he repeatedly offered the use of his plane for trips up for bidding. Mr. Kavanaugh also bid $25,000 for a lot that included a few nights stay at the Soho Grand hotel in New York and a drink with the director Paul Haggis, a member of Artists for Peace and Justice. Later, still from his chair, he shouted out an offer of $10,000 for Mark Shriver, the vice president of Save the Children, to drop what the clean-spoken Mr. Shriver — of the Kennedy Shrivers — called “the f-bomb.” (It worked, to the pleasure of the crowd.)

By the end of the night, when Ricky Martin performed, Mr. Kavanaugh, in a loose tie, jeans and Converse, was hitting the dance floor, with a parade of women including Maria Bello and Milla Jovovich, twirling and dipping with a drink in his hand. Who needs a producers’ credit?

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