That’s an official wrap for me on my new movie “Breathe”!! So excited to have been a part of it. Huge thank you to our stars @iamjhud and @iamquvenzhane for being two of the most wonderful ladies to be on set with, to #samworthington and @raulcastillo who had us all in stitches the entire shoot and to our amazing director @stefonbristol who’s patience, vision, talent and perseverance was the driving force that got this movie made! The movie is about a not so distant future earth that has no air and how good people end up doing terrible things to try and breathe again. And on that note, now it’s time to start prepping for my next film “In The Lost Lands” with the one and only @davebautista! It’s based on the short story by George R.R. Martin. It’s a project my husband and I have been developing for about 6 years now and I’m so proud that we’re finally about to start shooting it!!!