Little news about RE: 6

Milla Jovovich says that the sixth installment of the zombie action film will be grittier than its predecessors. There are also rumors circulating on the internet that Resident Evil 6’s first trailer might be released this month. Paul W.S Anderson said that the Resident Evil: Final chapter only needs a little work on editing before the studio releases its first trailer, as reported by Ecumenical News.

One of the fans of the installment asked Milla Jovovich on her Twitter account, what would make Resident Evil: The Final Chapter unique and different from its previous films. The actress who plays Alice responded that The Final Chapter will be much grittier and raw than the last one. She also said that the action will be in everyone else’s faces and that no slow motion will be involved. Milla Jovovich also said that the latest film will showcase a part of Alice, which was never seen before in other Resident Evil movies. Moreover, she also expressed her sadness about Resident Evil movies nearing its end.

Resident Evil: Final Chapter will hit the big screen this coming January 2017.