We waited for her for two and a half hours. We periodically got “news” that “she woke up”, “she’s doing her make-up”, “she’s straightening her hair”, “just a bit, she’s drinking coffee”. And it was no surprise. She’s a star! Well, at least she never refused to meet with us, with 2 hours before departure. Milla Jovovich turned out to be a man of word and gave an exclusive interview to Lady Day.Az. By the way, we were talking in Russian. The actress was so full with impressions of our country, that she herself set the tone for the conversation.


– Where have you been in Baku? What have you seen? What do you remember best? What will you tell your friends and family about us? Let’s talk straight.

– I’ve already told my friends that the architecture here is simply stunning, with perfect accompaniment of antiquity and modernity in the shape of the city. I’ve seen here the buildings that we’ll never see in America, with very unusual combinations to meet the most selective tastes of the public. The only view from the window of my room in the hotel where I stayed is worth a lot! This view has impressed me very much. I arrived in Baku to shoot a commercial for Milla. I was told that it is a leading producer of dairy products in Azerbaijan. We shot for Milla against the background of various historical and modern sights of Azerbaijan. Viewers will likely to see this ad with my participation this fall. So, unfortunately, I had very little time. But I definitely know that would love to come back here, but not to work, especially given that you all speak in Russian. So, there’s no language barrier for me in your country. Most of your compatriots with whom I encountered during my stay in Baku, were from the film crew. I really enjoyed their company. Your people are always smiling, always in high spirits.

– How much have you eaten and have you promised to starve yourself upon arrival home? All our guests usually do so after overeating goodies in Baku…

– (Laughing) Oh, yes! I have eaten a lot of vegetables and fruits. And loads of lamb! I’m not used to too much meat. But I could not just resist here. But when I get home, I’ll have to get rid of all those calories. (Laughing)

– The star status takes a lot of time. Living in the constant traveling, under the scrutiny of cameras leaves little to remain personal. Was it worth it? Are applause, high fees, and recognition, worth common human happiness which celebrities often lack?

– I live my personal life, no public involved. When I’m in Los Angeles, it’s much more difficult to deal with curious people. And I myself am a person pretty closed from the crowd. Even the slightest appearance in public with my family and relatives brings a lot of discomfort. But I love to travel. And far away from home I can enjoy all the delights of privacy. I even regret that I have not brought my daughter along. They would protect me here, I’m sure, like in Europe, where paparazzi do not disturb me by taking pictures of me when my child is by my side. They respect my reluctance to make my child a public domain. I get very confused, I think it’s weird when I see a photo of my daughter on the pages of magazines … and she doesn’t like this stuff either.

But I have been living this life since I was a little girl, so I’ve got used to the attention. But I cut short the excessive curiosity. Also, I don’t show off sitting behind the wheel of a pink car, or sparkle heels with Versace logo! (Laughing) I will not wave my hand and say, “Hey, I’m here, take a picture of me! It’s me, Milla Jovovich!” I know a lot of stars in Hollywood who complain about all these paparazzi only for form’s sake. In fact, they give a handle to get noticed! But I could not live this way! It’s not a life!