happy saturday everyone! today we are doing one of my famous bbq’s! i love to cook and bringing family and friends together for a bbq is not only something incredibly special to me as a person, but a real tradition in my family.

the earliest memories i have of moving to america as a child are of my dad sparking up the grill with all his friends and family on the weekends.

he worked so hard, going to medical school and working multiple jobs to take care of us. those weekend shin digs really helped keep my parents sanity together in those early, dog days of our emigration.

i was fascinated with the way cooking could bring a smile to my father’s over worked, culturally shocked face. he was always in a good mood when he had fired up the charcoal. it was a welcome change after a long week of work for everyone and i knew that all was good in the world when my dad threw on his apron, brought out his spatula and ice chest and said “ok kiddo (pronounced keedo)! let’s cook!”

just thought of that story and wanted to share it with you. i hope you can be with your family this weekend. if not, i want to send you love from our family! xo m

And I have added in the gallery 2 photos from Milla twitter: