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L’Officiel Hommes (France)

Here is one L’Officiel Hommes (France) – October cover , and 5 photoshoots.Photographer André Saraiva

Milla covers the october 2012 4 new cosmo

Cosmo (Italy)
Cosmo (Croatia)
Cosmo (Lithuania)
Cosmo (Serbia)

Milla Jovovich left the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills

The model showed off her glowing complexion as she left the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

Milla wasn’t wearing a smudge of make-up and was as dazzling as always, looking far younger than her 36 years.

Dressed in a casual attire of blue shorts, a simple white T-shirts and a camel blazer, the Russian model teamed her look with pretty black ballerina’s and a Chanel bag as she strolled through the Californian city.

And one magazine cover from Cosmo (Turkey)

Cosmo Spain magazine and Lepota I Zdravlje

Spread the kiosk, the Cosmo October is here with Milla Jovovich on the cover and much more.

Here is two covers from Cosmo (Spain) – October

And One Serbian Lepota & Zdravlje magazine

Day & Night Magazine – 21 September

Cosmo scans

here is one cosmo Singapore scans

And 4 Russian


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3 magazine scans
Cosmo (Singapore) – October
Ваш Досуг(Vash Dosug) (Russia) – 12-23 September
Cosmo (Ukraine) – October

April 23 -Milla and Ever leaving Bristol Farms after doing some grocery shopping

Vogue (Italy) 2012/2013

Milla covers “Flare” October

On fighting for strong female roles: “I would get more excited about the stronger parts, and maybe I fought harder to get them… I think for the most part, female power is portrayed in the bedroom.”

On her mother: “I would always hear her whispering in my ear, ‘I’ll kill myself if anything happens to you!’ So, I kind of knew when to say no; when not to continue the party, because I whole-heartedly believed that if anything had happened to me my mom would have killed herself… I still put her through hell. She didn’t know that in my head I knew when to stop. I tell her, ‘My God, it could have been so much worse!’”

On coping with bullies: “I knew it was so temporary. School is going to disappear, and there’s a whole future out there.”

On being the kind of person whom adversity has honed, rather than crushed: “We’re definitely fighters,” she says. “My mom and I are survivors. We came to America with nothing, and built everything from the ground up.” She describes her mother as strict and her childhood as shaped by discipline and hard work. “I wasn’t raised just to be a pretty girl, or somebody’s wife.”

On her director marriage patterns: “It kind of seems typical,” she says of the marital pattern, “but there’s no one else that you talk with as much as the director. If you’re going to fall in love, it’s hard for it not to happen with that person—the one you’re spending the most time with, and having the most interesting conversations. I think it would have been challenging for me to have made the movies and had a boyfriend that wasn’t working on the film too, because you get so into it. Everything else disappears except the project. And this has been a decade!”

On her husband Paul Anderson: “He’s amazing that way,” … “He’ll have done this really cute little envelope, and inside are pictures of where we’re going and our itinerary and what to expect from the hotel.”

On her daughter: “I definitely want to keep [Ever] as dependant as any young girl her age—which is relative, but I have a picture in my head of what that should be.”

+ 2 Flare shoots

And two behind the scene