Milla Jovovich on the cover of Elle magazine – July 2013

Milla Jovovich will appear on the new cover of Elle Ukraine, which will appear in July.

Milla Jovovich by Sebastian Faena – HQ shoot

On the Internet appeared photos with a photo shoot for Vogue Turkey in HQ. I added 10 images to our gallery.

And magazine scans:

Milla Jovovich is barely there for Vogue (Turkey) – May

Milla Jovovich poses bare with just her manic laugh for Vogue Turkey’s May 2013 music issue.Milla is just sporting a black beret to top her messy bed hair and a pair of sparkling bangles with her initials on them.

This cover photo of Milla was photographed by Sebastian Faena.

And I have added in the gallery 2 MQ photos from photo shoots.Enjoy!



Milla Jovovich covers Vogue (France)

With the Manhattan skyline rising behind her, Ukranian model Milla Jovovich models 66 key looks for Spring/Summer 2013 in the magazine’s New York special, set to hit newsstands January 23.

Milla Jovovich covers the magazine’s New York special for February, shot against the Manhatten skyline by Inez & Vinoodh in Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. It’s an issue that takes the pulse of the city that never sleeps to bring us the latest stateside trends for 2013.

Cosmopolitan – Greece and more

Milla is cover of Greece – Cosmopolitan January 2013 and have been updated the most of magazines.Check in our gallery.

and twitter photos (facebook) from december 15

Jack (Italy) – December

Here is 5 images from Jack (Italy) – December magazine .

Guitar Center in West Hollywood, CA (11/07/12)

On the hunt for a new musical gear, Milla Jovovich stopped by the Guitar Center in West Hollywood, CA on Wednesday (November 7).

And Vogue (India) 2 scans:

‘Flaunt’ Magazine Feature

Previously, were available the photos behind the scenes . In the gallery are available 3 images from photo session and a single scan.

On if violence in movies leads to violence in real life: “I mean, this is America, man. Lots of violent movies come out in lots of different places, but where do people pull out guns? Not in Canada, not in Germany, not in France, not in England… in America. It’s not the fact that Canadians don’t allow violent movies….but they don’t have access [to weapons] like we do.”

On religion: “I teach my daughter that God is everywhere. It’s all the same. It’s just different cultures give it a different name.”

On young girls getting plastic surgery: “I don’t get young, beautiful girls getting lip injections and fillers. It’s really bizarre, you know? It’s so sad because you want to ask them what they actually see when they look in the mirror? That’s the saddest part. They probably see something monstrous.”

“Cosmo” magazine covers

Here is 4 new covers from Cosmo … And Grazia (Russia) – November

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Cosmopolitan – Ukraine magazine scans

+ 2 Kazakhstan and Mongolia cosmopolitan covers