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Milla Jovovich in card game “Vanguard G” Japanese

Milla Jovovich in a new CM for the franchise. Okada belongs to New Japan Pro-Wrestling and the 44-year-old company became a subsidiary of Bushiroad in 2012. The CM will be start airing during the next 10th episode of the latest TV anime series Cardfight!! Vanguard G NEXT this Sunday.

And you can watch the interview between Milla Jovovich and Bushiroad founder Takaaki Kidani (with English/Japanese subtitles)

Milla returns to LA!

Finally, we have some news about Milla, she wrote in Facebook that they have the last day in Cape Town:

So we’re on our last day here and I’m going to make myself available when I get home to LA in abt a week 2 chat on Twitter so stay tuned!

Today was the last shooting of the “Resident evil: The final chapter”:

Last day shooting #residentevilthefinalchapter!! It’s so exciting to finish and I really know you guys are gonna flip when you see it! Also, follow our camera operator @xxxlargexxx for more BTS photos of the movie!!! Loads of love! Xo m #capetowndiary

Funny or die: Clint Howard Reboots Pippi Longstocking with Milla Jovovich

When you think of Milla Jovovich, one of the most badass women in action and genre cinema, you don’t think freckles, crazy wayward pigtails and a monkey bestie, right? Not likely, and maybe we should keep it that way?

This past week, Funny or Die released a parody video in which Milla, who is currently working on the next Resident Evil flick, plays an older, gun-toting version of Pippi Longstocking, the nine-year-old heroine (and “strongest girl in the world”) seen in the series of books of the same name. Basically, the idea is a brain-dead screenwriter, played by a particularly wild-eyed Clint Howard, pitches a Pippi reboot movie called Pippi Longstocking: Crimson Justice and Milla plays the title character, complete with a very adult version of Pippi’s typically adorable and oversized outfit and, yes, stockings.

Barely Famous airs tonight

Watch today at 9/8 Central on VH1, the episode with Milla. Milla wrote on facebook:
Hey Everyone! If you want a good laugh, watch my guest spot tonight at 9/8 Central on VH1’s Barely Famous with the beautiful and hilarious Foster sisters, Erin Foster (@itserinfoster ) and Sara Foster (@iamsarafoster)! ‪#‎BarelyFamous‬ @BarelyFamousVH1

The synopsis from tonight episode: Remember earlier when I said Rich was smart and funny and handsome? Well, I take that back. He’s a real douche, and Erin doesn’t discover this fact until they are at Milla Jovovich’s party, and it’s too public a place to do anything about it. Besides, the cameras are around and breaking up with him then would be a real waste.
Rich drops the drunk-driving bomb pretty nonchalantly, accusing the victim of being “in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like me.” Erin can’t react, because of her likeability issues, and the presence of the camera crew, but she tries to maintain as best she can: by downing two glasses of wine.
Sara arrives dressed like a mid-priced prostitute, and close behind her comes Rich’s wife—that’s right, his wife. I guess the kids are with a sitter. Erin is going to have to break up with him now; America doesn’t like a homewrecker.

Welcomes Baby Girl Dashiel Edon

Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul Anderson have welcomed their second child, tonight.

The couple’s daughter Dashiel Edon arrived on Wednesday, April 1. She weighed in at 7 lbs., and 10 oz.

“Milla delivered her daughter Dashiel at 5:45 this morning,” they told E! News. “Everyone is thrilled and beyond happy!

Congratulate Milla and Paul with a baby girl!

Milla can give birth in the weekends

In the weekends Milla can give birth a baby girl. She writes in twitter: “My amazing husband snapped this pic of me taking my last hike yesterday before the baby is born! We’ve decided that I should stay close to home now that we’re about 48 hours from the “drop zone”! Lol!”
We all wait this moment. And very soon we can learn which name Milla and Paul give to a baby.

Milla is only seven weeks away from giving birth

Milla wrote on Facebook the next day when they hike around Beverly Hills:

So I am now officially half way through my 33rd week of pregnancy, which means I’m only 7 weeks away from delivering our new baby! I have to say though, I’ve been getting pretty exhausted again what with being a full time mom with our 7 year old, re organizing my home and hiking everyday to start getting my body ready for my post baby responsibilities (I start shooting two films this summer, one of them being “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”), but over all I’m having a great time and super excited about all the changes me and my family will be experiencing soon!

Missing pics added

About Milla no any news that is why I am in progress updating the gallery. I add new and missing pics to the gallery. I have updated now photos from 2008 to 2013 and many of photos are now untagged. Here are the links.

Milla Jovovich Confirms August Start for Resident Evil

Last August, actress Milla Jovovich announced that she and her husband Paul W.S. Anderson were expecting their second child together, thus delaying the shooting of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Now she has taken to Facebook (tip of the hat to Bobby Napoli) with word that she is already preparing to return as Alice for the revived shoot in August.

Says Jovovich, “I’m really proud of myself for not gaining the same amount of weight that I did with our first child (75 lbs.) because I have to be ready to start filming ‘Resident Evil- The Final Chapter’ in August of this year and I will also be nursing an infant simultaneously.”

Shooting was initially being prepped for Cape Town, South Africa, which will be one of several locales used for the sixth and (supposed) last part in the long-running Resident Evil franchise. The last film to see release was Resident Evil: Retribution in 2012.